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Some of the lines in this table have both "__le64" as "Type" [little-endian 64-bit integer... signedness unspecified :-( ... should be (at _least_) 8 bytes long, regardless of signedness] but have a "Size" of 4 or 2 in that column of the table. _Something_ is definitely wrong _somewhere_. Does anybody want me to go to the kernel sources and find "The Truth" and fix the table?

I will add a table snippet that shows the current problem [as of Feb. 17 2021 in the Eastern USA]

struct btrfs_super_block
Off Size Type field Description
90 4 __le64 sectorsize sectorsize
94 4 __le64 nodesize nodesize
98 4 __le64 __unused_leafsize leafsize
9c 4 __le64 stripesize stripesize
a0 4 __le64 sys_chunk_array_size sys_chunk_array_size
c4 2 __le64 csum_type csum_type - Btrfs currently uses the CRC32c little-endian hash function with seed -1.
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