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Image Chunks png error

In case you have made a mistake or my maths has got very bad lately or I simply dont understand BTRFS logic because I'm stupid ;) ...

chunk mapping tree:

chunk0 256 Mb mirror 256MB (record1) + dev/sdb 256MB (record1) + dev/sdc 256MB (record1) = 256MB Raid1 (3 disks)

chunk1 1 Gb stripe 512MB (record2) + dev/sdb 512MB (record2) + dev/sdc 512MB (record2) = 1,536MB Raid0 (3 disks)

chunk2 128 Mb 128MB (record3)

chunk3 1 Gb 1,024MB (record3)

chunk4 256 Mb 256MB (record3)

Should chunk1 raid0 be 1.5GB and not 1GB defined in the chunk mapping tree. Should I keep well away from this file system in case I lose 512MB of data here and there LOL

Can you also point the arrows at the cell edge instead of cell midpoint as it gives the impression chunk1 is handled by /dev/sda, chunk2 ~ /dev/sdb and chunk3 ~ /dev/sdc

--Relic 15:25, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

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