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I would like to kindly ask you to create a user called Pywikibot-test2 on one active wiki of family. This account will serve for testing purposes of Pywikibot, library and framework to read wikis or write to wikis using MediaWiki API with Python. The test account will perform only "read" tasks, no "write" tasks. I will make sure tests will not harm your wiki in any way possible and I am happy to accept any restrictions to the account made.

The reason for this request is MediaWiki version of wikis, 1.19, which is the least supported version in Pywikibot since Apr 2020 (and also an LTS version). The tests are going to run regularly until Pywikibot team drops MediaWiki 1.19 together with Python 3.5 after Python 3.5 EOL (not before Sep 2020).

Please note the e-mail address attached is a personal address. To contact Pywikibot team, one can use Pywikibot mailing list: (

Best Regards, Pavel Dvorak

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