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The Btrfs mailing list is hosted on



The mailing list server utilizes greylisting (i.e. the server may delay mails) and discards emails that are in HTML format or that exceed 100,000 bytes. And please disable word wrapping in the mail client for sent mails that include kernel log backtraces.

How to subscribe

You can find details on how to subscribe here

Send an email to with plain text format the follwing (and only that):

subscribe linux-btrfs


Mailing list archives are available from:

The old mailing lists on are no longer active but are available at the archive. The original archives do include them too but might be available only through the NNTP gateway.

What information to provide when asking a support question

When reporting errors or asking for support always supply the output of the following commands:

  uname -a
  btrfs --version
  btrfs fi show
  btrfs fi df /home # Replace /home with the mount point of your btrfs-filesystem 
  dmesg > dmesg.log

A lot of debug information can be retrieved from dmesg. If the relevant log information is very large, supply the output as an attachment in the mail instead of in the message body (though mind the restrictions above).

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