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Btrfs Sources

Btrfs has switched to git for version control.

As of 2.6.29-rc1, the Btrfs kernel module has been merged with the mainline kernel. There is a standalone repository that is generated from the mainline kernel and contains only the Btrfs sources.

Btrfs v0.17 is based on this standalone repo, and compiles against 2.6.28 or newer kernels.

Unstable Repositories

These hold code that is under heavy development, and they are likely to be less tested than the code in the mainline kernel. We're in the process of adding a backport repository that will change less often and be more stable overall.

To download the unstable kernel module and utilities:

  • Kernel module

complete kernel tree:

git clone git://

btrfs kernel module source:

git clone git://
  • Utilities
git clone git://

Gentoo Linux ebuilds

Gentoo Linux includes packages for both the stable and unstable versions:

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